22 July 2013

Review: False Eyelashes from KKCenterHK + Coupon Code

I recently received some false eyelashes from KKCenterHK.com for review purposes. It's a website which sells beauty products such as nail polishes, eyeshadows, false lashes, wigs, make up brushes and more! In today's blogpost I will be reviewing two kinds of falsies of the brand ES.

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The first one that I tried were these handmade half eyelashes of the brand ES. It comes in a pack of 5 pairs and the color of the lashes is black. Unfortunately, the half lashes are currently sold out, so you need to wait until it's back in stock again (link to the product).

I haven't curled my lashes nor did i apply mascara in the pictures below since I wanted to show you the natural look while having these lashes on. It has a thick transparent stem and you can easily apply eyeliner over it so it won't be visible when you have it on your lids. The lashes feels soft and you can barely notice that it's on your lids since it's so lightweight. Your lashes looks more full when you apply mascara over it. I'm loving the natural look of it ^^! However, I tried to remove the falsies carefully, but the hair kept falling off while I did that so I wouldn't recommend to re-use these.

If you are looking for natural looking falsies where you need some POOF at the ends of your lashes, this will be suitable for you. If you are searching for a dramatic look, I would let this one pass.

These lashes are quite long so I did need to trim the ends so that it would fit on my eyelids. It also has a very thin transparent stem which is great. These lashes are sold for $21.50 (link to the product) and comes in a pack of 10 pairs. To be honest the lashes were looking a bit plastic-y and it's kinda shiny which I really don't like. When you have these on, it will enhance your eyes, makes it a bit bigger and it's quite obvious that you are wearing falsies, which is a bummer since I always prefer very natural looking falsies. However, they do feel comfortable on the eyes.

If you are looking for lashes which aren't too natural nor too dramatic, you can give these a go ^_-.

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note: these products were sent to me for review purposes
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