29 April 2013

Review: Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel

Can you still remember my Twofacemall.com haul from a few weeks ago? Yes, I already reviewed the Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream from Holika Holika and the Fresh Cherry tint from Etude House. The last product of my haul that i'm going to review is the Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel. I've been searching for a nice eye cream or gel for a while and i was very curious about this one. Continue with reading if you are interested.
It's a gel-type eye cream which will moisturize and revitalize the eyes. It claims to hydrate the eyes for 12 hours. It has 25 ml of product in it, which seems less but you only need a tiny bit per usage. The cooling effect and non-sticky formula of this gel-type eye cream moisturize the eye area and relieves puffiness. It contains calendula extracts that have been used to heal skin infections and it relieves irritation for supple relief of sensitive eye area. It also contains ginkgo leaf extracts that promotes the blood circulation and prevents damage caused by free radicals in cells to reduce dark circles and to revitalize the eye area.

I got it from www.twofacemall.com (link to the product). It's an online webshop which sells Asian beauty products. They really carry a lot of Korean brands like The Saem, Skin Food, Missha, Holika Holika, Etude House, Peri Pera and many more. Besides that, they also offer worldwide FREE shipping!! There is no need to worry about extra shipping costs when ordering. I also didn't have to pay for customs but this can differ per time i think. What I also like about this shop is that you can collect points after every purchase, so you will get a discount on your next order. When registering you are going to get 2 USD for free, register here.

The packaging looks different compared to the normal Laneige packaging that you can buy at their store. I was scared that this was a fake one at first, because the small stripe above the "i" from Laneige is gone and the packaging of the actual product is totally different. However, after some research i saw that this product comes from an Amore Pacific store. Laneige is one of the flagship brands owned by Amore Pacific, Korea’s biggest cosmetics company. That's the reason why the packaging is different, so don't worry girls, it's not fake! At least, not what twofacemall.com is selling.
It comes with English and Korean descriptions.
The eye gel has a light blue (aqua) packaging. It comes with a white plastic spatula. Just twist the cap open and you will see a white lid. Remove the lid and you are able to see the eye gel.
After applying essence and before applying cream, take appropriate amount and gently pat along the eye area. Remember, you don't need much product!

It is a white gel-type eye cream. When you spread the product out it will look translucent. The texture is slightly thicker than the water sleeping pack from Laneige that I own, but the product still absorbs into my skin pretty fast. It's not sticky and it has a lovely cooling effect which is very relaxing. I don't have puffy eyes so i can't test if it will reduce it, but it sure is cooling!

The scent smells light and fresh. It has a pleasant scent which is not overwhelming at all.

- nice cooling effect
- it feels moist on the eye area
- absorbs quickly
- easy to spread
- it feels light
- no irritations after applying it on my eyes
- great and hygienic packaging
- pleasant scent
- includes English and Korean descriptions

- no full ingredient list written anywhere
- can't buy it everywhere
- a bit pricey

So far so good! I love it as much as the Laneige water sleeping pack, which was one of my favorite products in 2011. I've been using this eye cream for 1,5 weeks and i LOVEEEEE the cooling effect on my eyes. After a long day of work, my eyes will feel very tired. When i'm at home, I just want to relax and this just feels so soothing. Also, it's moisturizing, non-sticky and it doesn't irritate the eyes after application which is definitely a plus. I bet it even feels better during Summer time!

I highly recommend this to you if you are searching for a soothing eye gel which will moisturize your eye area. Great after a long day of work! Let it pass if you are searching for an eye gel with whitening and wrinkle care, since this eye gel doesn't offer that.

Make sure to visit www.twofacemall.com if you are interested. They also sell many other Korean products, so do check it out. Once again they offer worldwide free shipping so no need to worry about extra shipping costs!

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes
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