28 April 2013

Etude House I'm Blooming Collection 2013

Etude House recently launched a new cleansing range called I'm Blooming. The products in this line has organic and natural ingredients, that's why they named the slogan: Safe with me, Trust Me 7Free, I'm Pure. 7 Free means that it doesn't include harmful ingredients - Paraben, artificial color, mineral oil, talc, sulphate surfactant, benzophenone and formaldehyde.

There are 3 kinds of facial mists in this collection:
1. Deep Moisture Mist - it's organic and natural with 81.9% canola honey
2. Brightening Mist - it's organic and natural with 93.9% essential flowers
3. Sebum Control Mist - it's organic and natural with 95.9% pure green tea

There are 3 cleansing products in this collection with a different texture, the first one is the Brightening Wash Off Gel which includes natural flowers :

The second one is the Clear Cleansing Water with natural flowers, no need to rinse your face afterwards:

The last one is the Moisture Cleansing Foam with natural flowers:

Etude House also created a cleansing tool which is called the cleansing dual pad. You can use it with the brightening wash off gel or with the moisture cleansing foam. As you can see it has two sides:

They are also selling squared cotton pads. You can use it to clean your face or you can soak the cotton pad, add cleansing water or toner on it and let it sit on your face for a while. It will moisturize your face, just like a mask.

I'm sure you can find it at any Etude House shop already. However, if you are going to buy it online, you can find it at these stores: www.kpoptown.com, www.koreadepart.com, soompi shop and on ebay.com from seller RubyRubyshop.

It sounds great to me because of all those natural ingredients that it has. However, I'm quite curious about the scent of these products. Since most of them contain some flower ingredients, i'm afraid that the scent would be overwhelming and not pleasant. I'm most curious about the facial mists to be honest, I'm still searching for a nice mist for this Summer. Have you tried any of these products in this collection before? Which product would you like to try?

note: all pictures are from etudehouse.co.kr
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