14 December 2012

Review: Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Sparkle 2 Palette

Sleek MakeUP has a new limited edition make up palette in the market which is called Sparkle 2! This palette is the shiny new sequel to its sister Sparkle i-Divine. In today's blogpost I will be showing some swatches of this palette and where you can purchase it. This palette is great for a glittery Christmas eye look and even for a new year look! Continue with reading if you want to know more about this gorgeous glittery palette!

This palette is inspired by the make up at the A/W 2012 catwalk. Models were shimmering with statement eyes in high pigment and glitter, as seen at Giambattista Valli in the picture below, who has  frosted model eyes with sparkly blues, greens and silver, leaving skin and lips muted and dewy to let the eyes shine out! Isn't it gorgeous?
Makeup at the A/W catwalk - Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2012 

Where to buy Sleek MakeUP Sparkle 2 palette? 
It's available now at Superdrug and it's also available online at: www.sleekmakeup.com. It cost only €10.- which is definitely worth it for the quality and quantity. It's a limited edition Christmas palette, so make sure to buy it as soon as possible if you want it!

It has a gorgeous sparkly packaging, i love it ^^. The palette itself has a black matte cover like any other Sleek MakeUP palette.
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Closer look
This palette includes 12 shades, with 4 shimmer shades: gold, silver, copper and deep bronze to leave a glowing finish for day time eyes. Step up the look at night with 8 glitter infused shades, a festive blend of deep royal blues, burgundy's fern greens and precious purples, with gun metal greys and an icy black for extra depth. For a subtle touch line eyes with a hint of glitter using a singular shade, or create icy eyes with a touch of cool silver.

I've used the Urban Decay primer potion before i swatched it so that the colors will be more visible. All colors have a name, so check it out below including descriptions. All colors have a great pigmentation, i can't believe that this palette is just €10.- OMG o_o! Anyways, tell me your favorite color in the comment section.
1. Chocolate Penny : a shiny metallic golden copper shade. It's a great color for over the lid.
2. Blue Spruce : a turquoise matte color with green and silver glitters.
3. Mulled Wine : a cranberry red matte color with golden glitters.
4. Festive : Bright Plum matte with silver glitters. The pigmentation is very good.
5. Gold Ribbon : Yellow/golden shade. You can apply this at the inner corner of your eyes.
6. Glitz & Glamour : Charcoal grey with silver glitters.
The other six colors are:
1. Truffle : a shiny chocolate brown shade, the pigmentation of it is amazing. You can apply it on your crease.
2. Mistletoe : dark green matte shade with silver glitters. Very good pigmentation.
3. Illusion : a deep purple shade with silver glitters, my favorite shade! It has a very good pigmentation.
4. Tinsel : shiny metallic silver. Great for your inner corners.
5. Twinkle : deep navy blue with silver glitters. The pigmentation is amazing.
6. Starry Night : a matte black shade with silver glitters. The pigmentation is very good. It's great for smokey eyes.

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