12 December 2012

Leading a high-end life

Yolo – you only live once! Life is too short to make compromises and to do without the pleasures of fashion and culture. One should live every minute to the full and try to be demanding and have high expectations with regard to other people, but also with regard to oneself. That also involves caring for good looks and for quality in every area of life. Two of the most important fields in the 21st century are fashion and technology. So what is it one should care for in these areas?

Fashion: value and devotion

When it comes to fashion items, one should not accept every single thing which might look pretty at first glance. It is in fact much more important to check the value of a piece by looking at how the skirt, shirt or jacket is sewn, which materials it is made of and where it is fabricated. It is a good idea to check the respective label out on the web in order to learn more about the fashion item one is interested in. If the cloth is stained, ripped open in places or if the seam is loose, it is advisable not to buy it – unless one likes the "used look”. To underline one’s focus on quality, one can buy accessories like a Franck Muller ladies watch which emblematizes the craftsmanship and devotion of the maker and furthermore looks just superb on the female wrist.

Technology: quality and (multi-)functionality

MP3 players, smartphones and cameras are only some of the technological items which we carry with us almost every day. And they have become part of fashion as well. A good camera carried along on a holiday trip will show one’s companions the personal claim to really take the best pictures while looking stylish at the same time. A fancy smartphone to talk on the train or the bus is of course a must-have nowadays, and there are many colors and shapes they can have – just suitable for everyone’s taste.

my question to you is:
  Do you agree that we are living in a high-end life?
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