26 August 2012

Review: SuperTrash - Solid Phenomenal Creme Perfume

In the goodie bag which I received at the Zanox & Rewardstyle event there was a solid perfume included. It was a SuperTrash solid perfume which is called Phenomenal.

A solid creme perfume infused with sensual notes of wood, orange, patchouli and musk.

Price & Where to purchase?
You can purchase it on their website: supertrash.com and it's sold for €15.-.

My opinion 
It's super cute and it fits perfectly in your make up bag ^__^. But what about the scent? I think that the scent is more for grown ups and definitely not for teenagers. It's not a sweet or fresh scent but a warm exotic scent which gives you a luxury feeling. A scent which definitely suits Olcay Gulsen, the owner of Supertrash. It's not a perfume which I would purchase in the store to be honest, I prefer fresh scents.



  1. Did you get the bracelet from asos? Do you like it? I kinda want it.

  2. I received it in my goodie bag during a fashion event.. and yes it's from asos. It's slightly too big for me, need to resize it >.<"

  3. Mm, klinkt alsnog lekker al is het een volwassen geur (ben idd nog tiener).

  4. Jenni @lifeandlensofbeautyAugust 26, 2012 3:53 PM

    <3 solid perfumes! so easy to carry!

    how've you been elisa?

  5. what an interesting looking perfume


  6. kan dat ding eigenlijk in je tas wegsmelten >.<?

  7. heyyy jenn, how are ya? long time no speak!!.. i've been quite busy lately, how is work going?

  8. vind het zelfs nog te volwassen voor me :P hoewel ik geen tiener meer ben xD


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