21 July 2012

Review: Silk Whitia - Deeply Moisturizing Treatment Mask

I purchased some products at sasa.com a while ago, see haul blogpost. I bought some Silk Whitia masks back then which are called the deeply moisturizing treatment masks. I've been using these for a while and I thought it was time to write a review about it :).

Silk Whitia Deeply Moisturizing Treatment Mask quickly replenishes moisture and improves ability of cuticle to restore moisture. Ginseng extract effectively removes fine lines. Nourishes into the deep skin, prevents aging and promotes a radiant and energetic appearance.

Where to buy and Price
I bought these at sasa.com (link to product) and it was buy 1 get 1 free. It's $16.60 for 1 pack which includes 5 masks. So it's $16.60 for 10 masks now :). They often have great deals for Silk Whitia masks so you must keep an eye on their website if you would like to purchase these masks.

Structure and Scent 
This mask does have a scent of a hand cream or something. It's a bit hard to describe, but it's not unpleasant nor overwhelming :). The mask is a strong cloth which won't tear easily. It has enough serum on it and there was even some left for my neck as well. However, I do think that this mask is quite thick, it feels a bit heavy on my face, so I prefer masks which are slightly thinner.

Place the mask onto cleansed skin and leave it on the face for about 15 - 20 minutes. It will feel sticky when you remove the mask, so you need to rinse your face with water afterwards. Use daily for best results.

My opinion 
Since I don't like whitening masks anymore, I've been trying out some masks which will give my face a moisture boost. My skin is very dry :( so it's definitely a must to keep it moist. The name of the mask intruded me to purchase it actually, but does it do what it says? And the answer is no .. at least not on my skin. I was actually quite disappointed after using these masks. I've been testing these out for quite a while now and the result isn't really visible. I prefer to see instant results but I couldn't really see it after using this mask. After I rinsed my face, my skin felt slightly tight and dry patches were visible, which means that this mask is just not moist enough for my dry skin :(. However, this is probably moist enough to people with normal - oily skin. This mask is definitely not moist enough for dry - dehydrated skin =(.. too bad.. Have you tried any Silk Whitia masks before? Which one did you try?

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