11 July 2012

KIKO Nail Polish #344 Swatch

In this blogpost I'm going to show you some swatches of the KIKO nail polish #344. It's a sky blue nail polish which is definitely suitable for the Spring & Summer. You've probably seen the swatches of the KIKO nail polish #389 which I posted in this blogpost » kiko nailpolish #389 swatch. Is the sky blue version as good as their mint green nail polish? You will see it today!
I bought this at a KIKO Cosmetics store while I was in Milan for €2,50. You can also purchase it at their online store: http://www.kikocosmetics.com.


These swatches are taken indoor and some of them are taken in sunlight. What do you think? Nice color huh?

My opinion
And yesss.. I definitely love this color as well! The brush is great and it makes it easy to apply the nail polish. It's not streaky but two coats are needed to get a great finish. It lasted approximately 4 days including top coat, after the 4th day it started to chip. I definitely recommend the nail polishes of KIKO, their assortment is large and the quality is great for its price! Visit their store at http://www.kikocosmetics.com.


  1. Wow a very pretty color! and you took the shots with a gold chain which makes it stand out a lot more too ^^

  2. yeah.. i thought that it matched pretty well hahah :P 

  3. Lekker zomers kleurtje :D Leuk!!

  4. Love this color! Most mint greens or blues let the skin look very pale but this color suits you very much! Only heard good reviews about kiko's products :)

  5. Is this the same polish you used for your studded tutorial? If not they're very similar! Oh wait, I just realized it's the other one. haha 

  6. hahaha, yeah in the first picture you can see both xD.. this one is darker 

  7. thank you :D yeah kiko is pretty good for its price 

  8. ooh~I'm surprised you picked those colors, though you'd pick a pink or peach or duochrome~ ;) the funny hting is those were my two favourite nail polish colors until I used them so much I got sick of them~!! But they look amazing on you ;) by the way if you want to check out some more fashion/asian/makeup stuff take a look at xoxpastelbunny.blogspot.com ;) can't wait to see more reviews~!

  9. Gorgeous pics hun! I just bought loads of these, they were on offer :D I am really happy with them!.. xx


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