China Glaze - Luxe and Lush Swatch

I finally got my hands on one of the China Glaze nail polishes from their Capitol Colours Collection. This one is called Luxe and Lush. It's not a nail polish with glitters but with flakes! I was very curious how this nail polish will be and how it differs from China Glaze' Snow Globe. In this blogpost you will see some swatches from Luxe and Lush on different kind of nail polishes and also a comparison with the nail polish Snow Globe.

It's a translucent nail polish with silver flakes in it. I don't really like the formula of this nail polish, it's a bit hard to apply. The amount of flakes that you want to put on your nails is really up to you :).
I only applied the Luxe and Lush on my nails here. It doesn't look good on naked nails at all =/.
I've applied Luxe and Lush on China Glaze - Riveting which is also from their Capitol Colours Collection.
I applied the Luxe and Lush on 4 Catrice nail polishes: (from left to right) I wear my sunglasses at night, Forget me not, Am I blue or green? and Sold out for ever. I love it on the light blue nail polish the most. What do you think ^___^?

The difference between Snow Globe and Luxe and Lush. I totally like Snow Globe more than luxe and lush =/. It's easier to apply and it looks prettier. One thing is the same though: they are both freakin' hard to remove >.<"
This product was send to me for review purposes. Read disclaimer for more info.

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