03 March 2012

Review: Charcoal mask / Natural Pack from Daiso

I've wanted to try this product for a very LONG time. I've seen it on many blogs before and it looked so fun xD. I finally had the chance to buy it while I was in Hong Kong. This product is called Natural Pack, people also call it the charcoal mask. Nose packs are often made of charcoal. This Natural pack is formulated with the natural ingredients from Oak trees. On the packaging it promises to remove the oil on the face and clean the pores deeply. It leaves your skin clearer with less visible pores. Is this really true? Lets try it out ^___^!


It's quite sticky, liquid-y and slightly thick which makes it hard to spread. That's the only problem that I had while applying. It has a fresh scent which is pleasant and not overwhelming.
I bought it at Daiso/ Jusco in Hong Kong and it was sold for 12HKD which is only €1,20! There is 80g in it. If you're looking for a Daiso in Hong Kong, here are some addresses: click here. I'm sure you can find it on Ebay as well, but it's a lot more expensive there.

Clean your face. For effective results you can steam your face to open your pores. After you've steamed it, dap your face with a towel. Apply the mask with your fingers. (Don't worry you can easily wash the mask away.) Make sure that you spread the product as even as possible. Just make sure that you don't see your skin anymore but don't apply it too thick otherwise it takes longer to dry. Wait until the product is fully dried out, this takes around 10-15 minutes. The mask will harden and feel like paper. When it's time, peel it off starting at the bottom, pulling towards the top. If there is any residue left, wash it off with water. You can apply an hydrating mask on your face afterwards or just continue with your normal skincare routine.

BEWARE, you will see some gross pictures! It looks like I haven't cleaned my nose in ages =.=" ughh OMG! As you can see in the pictures below it pulled a lot of my fine hair out lol but I did see some whiteheads on that thing =/. I checked my nose and it did remove some of my whiteheads but not all of them. This product almost works the same as the nose packs that I tried from BiorĂ©. However, I think that this charcoal mask is  more effective since it peels off more dirt than nose packs. Besides, it's useful that you can apply the mask on every part of your face, like on your T-zone and chin. It removed the oil on my nose as well, but that was just temporary (natural oil came back after an hour). It's overall a nice mask and it was fun to try it out. It's definitely worth the money (only 12HKD! WTF!) so I sure will purchase this again when I'm in Asia.
- Inexpensive
- It contains charcoal
- Great packaging
- Pleasant fresh scent
- Fun to use
- Can apply it on your whole face
- It removes oil and whiteheads
- Skin will feel soft and cleaner
- Took a while before my whiteheads came back again

- Hard to get, only available at Ebay or Daiso
- It won't make your pores look less visible
- Won't remove ALL whiteheads on the first try
- Removes oil, but not for a long period
- Might be painful to some people when peeling the mask off

I do recommend this product if you have a lot of black/whiteheads. It won't remove everything on the first try but continue the process once a week and you will notice the difference. Steaming my face before using this helped a lot!! A lot more whiteheads were removed afterwards. You can use this mask once a week (twice is too much). Don't buy this product if you have a sensitive skin.
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