27 February 2012

Paris Trip Part 2 : Sightseeing, City Centre

This is part 2 (the last part) of my Paris trip. I was in Paris for 2 days: on the first day I went to the Kpop Music Bank concert and on the second day I went sightseeing. I haven't been to Paris for a couple of years, so I forgot the names of a lot of places already. Paris is such a lovely city, I would love to go there in the future again ^^. Everything looks so pretty & chic! In this blogpost I'm going to show you some pictures that I took during my trip (BEWARE, picture heavy). Have you been to Paris before?

Have you missed part 1? Click here for the previous part.

I went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho14 in China town and had some lovely Pho. According to my sister they have the BEST Pho in town and she raved about it tons of times, so I was happy that I could finally try it. AND YES IT IS, IT TASTED HEAVENLY 0:) !!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

OMG, if you're in PARIS. YOU MUST VISIT SEPHORA IN THE CITY CENTRE! OMGOSH, It was HUUUUUGGGGGEEEE!!!! It's probably the biggest I've ever seen in my life.
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