21 February 2012

Paris Trip Part 1 : Music Bank Kpop Concert in Paris

Together with my sister I went to Paris to see the Music Bank Concert ^___^. I really wanted to go to this concert, since there were a lot of Kpop groups who were coming: 2PM, Girls Generation (SNSD), Shinee, Sistar, U-kiss, T-ara, Beast and 4minute!! I was extremely excited because it was my first time going to a Korean concert \^o^/. Well, How was it? It was AWE-SOME! Of course, I took some pictures and videos xD hehehe... I will show everything in this blogpost ;). I had to take my compact camera with me since a pro camera wasn't allowed. Which means that the quality of the pictures aren't that great >.< the camera which I had with me didn't have a great zoom :(.

Music Bank Videos in Paris
Check out the videos below that I took during the concert. I created a playlist of my videos, it's actually a short summary of the concert (the whole concert took 3 hours). Just click on the play logo :), every video will start automatically, so do not close the window after you've seen the first video! The atmosphere before and during the concert was amazing! The audience started to sing before the concert and the whole crowd started to do the wave lol. Somehow everybody was a bit quiet when SISTAR came >.<", but everybody went CRAZY when 2PM was on stage (duh!). The whole crowd began to jump when they sang "put your hands up" so crazy xD! I often watch Music Bank shows on my laptop and it felt so weird to see this all in real. However, it was an amazing experience and I am happy that I went to this concert, I wouldn't want to miss it.

Lee Jang Woo (이장우) was the MC together with Sooyoung (최수영) from Girls Generation. You could see on the screen that they had a lot of make up on o.o.
These are a few snaps that I took during the concert.
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