04 November 2011

Review: My Beauty Diary - Chocolate Truffle sheet mask

As some of you might know, I have a big sheet mask obsession and especially the masks of the brand My Beauty Diary. It's just like pokemon =.=, I have to catch try them all!!! The Chocolate truffle mask is from their My Tea Time collection. I'm going to review that sheet mask today ^__^ Enjoy reading~!

I reviewed the Earl grey tea & macaron mask a few days ago and you're still able to participate in my mini give away to win that limited edition mask ;) Go to the giveaway page HERE to join.

Where to buy?
I'm sure that you can find these on Ebay, but you can also buy these on my favorite website sasa.com or at imomoko.com


The packaging is extremely cute ^__^! It's similar to the earl grey tea & macaron mask since they are from the same collection. All of their masks are manufactured in Taiwan and the back of the packaging is written in Chinese.

You can definitely smell the scent of Chocolate truffle when you open the lid of this mask. UGHHH, I totally didn't like the smell while I opened it, it was too overwhelming! However, the scent wasn't too bad while I had the mask on, I could still smell it but the scent wasn't too strong. I don't recommend to buy this if you're not a big fan of chocolate truffle =/.

It's very moist and has lots of serum on it, enough for your face. The sheet mask is thin, but can tear easily. The face mask has two slits. (I took the picture below when the mask was dried up.)
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