17 April 2011

Hype Kappers Hair Collection 2011 & WIN!

Hype Kappers is a hair & fashion store in The Netherlands. You can get your hair cut by top stylists at their store and you can also buy some cool gadgets & clothing there. They sell clothing of the brands Hollund, Eleven Paris, LeNow, Chival and more. They are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht, The Hague & Zoetermeer (The Netherlands).

Hype Hair Collection 2011
They have a different collection every year. This year Hype will showcase two fierce looks of slick sides and rough upper hair. By creating these looks Hype puts the focus upon good hairstyling with personal and unique details like curls, slickness and braids for 2011.
All these hairstyles makes me think of the series of America's Next Top Model. The models will always get a total different hairstyle in the first couple of episodes. I've always wanted to have a very different hairstyle as well xD it would be a total change!!! (I'm always saying that while watching that serie lol) However, every time when I'm at the hair salon I won't dare to ask for an extreme haircut, since the outcome can be different than what you had in mind. Do you dare to get an extreme haircut?

Watch this video for the hair collection of 2011:

Source: hypekappers.nl

Giveaway time!
This giveaway is only for people in The Netherlands. Listen up girls/guys ^^! I would like to share this awesome giveaway that Hype Kappers is having. You can win FREE haircuts for a whole year at HYPE! The rules are easy so make sure to join ^__^!

What do you have to do?
1. "Like" Hype on facebook.
2. Share this link at your own facebook : http://www.hypekappers.nl/?p=1513
3. Write "DONE" at this facebook post. You really need to do all steps, otherwise they won't know that you're going to participate.


  1. Leeuk! Maar ik knip mn haar bijna nooit dus ik denk dat een jaar lang gratis knippen voor mij niet hoeft ^^

  2. @Sam, aww ok. dat begrijp ik ^^

  3. LOL although i cant join. But tell you what, I thought you have WON again XD coz i saw "WIN" in the title XD

  4. @Jennifer, hahaha no no no =p i didn't win anything this time xD it's just a giveaway that i wanted to share =p

  5. Super vetttt!
    Mijn bob is voor mij extreem genoeg haha
    Thank you xxx

  6. @ice pandora, haha ik ga later ook een bob knippe xD

  7. Zoetermeer? Niet eens Den Bosch :( hoe dan?

  8. @Jolanda, hahah =p jammerrrr :P

  9. nice inspiration! me too want a fierce dominatrix hairstyle rahhhhh~

    xoxo elle
    ps: not entering, as not qualify in origin of residence, but comment coz love ur blog ^^


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