Review: MY SPRING IT / EPICARE facial hair remover

This is another product that people on Youtube have been raving about since 2009. Apparently there are different kind of brands for these. Those brands are Epicare and My Spring It. It's a tool that removes your facial hair from the roots. Yeah, i know it looks silly, but it does works. My Spring It was designed for use on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, nose and neck areas, but it should not be used to remove hair from the eyebrows.

This tool is sold for €16,95 in several online shops in The Netherlands. Like what the ... €16,95 for this tool O_O? Are you serious...? I just bought it for a few euros on Ebay which works as well.

What is it?
It's a small spring with handles which are made of plastic. Different colors are available. There is nothing inside the spring, no ingredients, nothing!

How long does this tool lasts?
If maintained properly you should be able to use this tool from 6 months to one year before it needs replaced. You need to clean it by bending it like an inverted "U" and shake off the trapped hair after each use. (You can really see the trapped hair if you stretch the spring.) After that, wipe it with a clean dry cloth or a cloth with a bit of alcohol. It's not waterproof and should be used on dry, clean skin. This tool may cause outbreaks if you don't clean your face well before usage.

How to use
Bend the threader into an inverted "U" shape and rotate the handles in- and outwards. Roll the threader on the area where you wish to remove hair. The hair will be pulled from the roots. You do need to practice first! Watch this Epicare video and you will see that this tool will pull the hair out.

Does it hurts?
I usually use tweezers to remove hair at my upper lip area and I don't think it hurts. It did at the beginning but you will get used to it and it won't hurt anymore if you use tweezers more often. When I used the My Spring It tool for the first time it was hurting as well since the hair will be pulled out from the roots. It hurts even more if your facial hair is long. However, I got used to it after a while and it's not hurting anymore now.

My opinion
This tool does what it says, it's really pulling facial hair out from the roots. However, it won't pull a lot of hair out at the same time, so you need to do the same motion over and over again. I do think that it's a good tool to remove the hair on the cheeks and forehead, but it just takes a long long time to remove all of the hair. I prefer to use tweezers for the upper lip area, since it's more accurate which hair you're removing. Overall, it's an ok and fun tool to work with, especially for a few euros. I would NEVER buy it if I saw this in the store for €16.95! Think about it, €16.95 for a spring o_O" omg! Would you buy this?

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