There are more important things than cosmetics today..

Such a crazy morning it was yesterday. I woke up and watched messages on Facebook and Twitter on my phone. My friends and followers were all talking about the tsunami in Japan. I was in shock and turned the tv on as soon as possible and I saw the following video footage - its really heartbreaking. People who didn´t watch the news yesterday you really should watch this:

Japan Hit by 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake, 10 Meter Tsunami.
To people who have families/ friends there I hope that they are all safe. I do have a few blog friends who are living in Japan but thank god they are all ok. However, approximately 80.000 people are still missing so lets all pray and help Japan! These are ways to help them: HELP TSUNAMI VICTIMS.

I'm sorry about the disruption of my usual blog posts, but I think that there are more important things than cosmetics today. I just wanted to post this to let y'll know what happened, since there are many people who don't watch the news every day. Therefore, there won't be a beauty/fashion blogpost today.

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