14 December 2010

Small haul at a Dutch drugstore

I went to a drugstore (Kruidvat) yesterday and bought a few stuff. They have great deals this week, for example buy 3 Essence products and get 1 free, buy 1 Catrice product, get 1 free, buy a Maybelline product and get a free cinema ticket. Normally a cinema ticket in Holland is around 9 euros (expensive right o_o?), and if you're a student it's 7.50. Still expensive ¬¬. Anyways back to my haul... it was so attractive to buy new stuff when I heard those deals hehehe...

I bought 2 Catrice nail polishes. I already have the green one- #240 Sold out forever, but I just wanted to have one extra in my assortment since I really love that color =D. The grey one is #280 London's weather Forecast. 

3 tip painters of Essence: Two times #01 Silver sparkle tip painter (I use this very often so I bought two) and one white tip painter for french manicure.
Since my Imju Fiberwig mascara is almost empty I bought a new mascara of Maybelline New York: the falsies volume express waterproof (black). This is nominated as the best mascara of this year in The Netherlands, so I wanted to try it out. I hope that I'm not allergic to it =(.

I was surprised that she gave me a sample of a Loréal Elvive shampoo. Since when are they giving samples o_O"? There is 50ml in it, it's a cute bottle which you can easily take with you when you go on a short trip. I haven't opened it yet, so I don't know how the scent it, but it's nice that she gave it hihi ^_^

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