15 December 2010

A Blog with substance tag

Yeahhh, I got tagged by Lene from Everythingism ;). It's called a blog with substance tag.
These are the rules:
1. Thank and link the person you received the tag from: Arigato Lene =o
2. Summarize your blog philosophy, motivation and experience in 5 words:  
wow only 5 words..? uhm.. "random blog^^, love my readers
3. Give the award to other bloggers with substance.

I'm giving it to these lovely bloggers:
Rinny - Rinny's Beauty Diary
Suzy - Simply Suzy (Dutch blog)
Michelle - Michelle esque
Danielle - Inside out elle
Emily - This was forever


  1. HAHA I love your blog philosophy! I will do this tag once I finish studying for my last final.

    Thank you for the tag, love!!<3 ^^

  2. It was hard!!, only 5 wordsss =p lol

  3. Thank you ^_^! I feel so honored :D!

  4. @Melody, Hahahaha ahwww, that's super sweet hunni^-^♥

  5. Congrats on the award :)
    Thanks for visitignand commenting on my blog!
    ASOS deliveries are quite good :)
    I would recommend them and if u subscribe they always email you flash slaes and stuff :)
    Follow me back: www.cutiecocochanel.blogspot.com
    Much Love Chanel

  6. Thank you so much Elisa!! I'll make sure I remember to post this. And I'm sure all your readers love you too hehe <3


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