18 September 2010

National Glamour day in Holland [2 oct. '10]

This post is especially for the fashion lovers in The Netherlands & in Belgium. On the 2nd of October 2010 its the National Glamour Day! All you have to do is buy the magazine: Glamour (of October) and you will get 20% off in many stores!
This magazine comes with a small scrapbook and a small mascara of Chanel. So this is a must buy!!! The magazine is only 3.95 euros :)

If you open the scrapbook you will see the mascara~
The mascara is a sample of Chanel' INIMITABLE INTENSE mascara multi-dimensionnel sophistiqué. The color is black (10 noir).
On the 2nd of October 2010, you will get 20% off in these stores by showing your Glamour magazine (october edition):
Hope this post was helpful for many fashion lovers in Holland & Belgium ^_^!


  1. That is so awesome! The magazines here in the U.S. has nothing in them. lol darn.

  2. Goeie tip :D Hoe is de mascara? Heb je 'm al geprobeerd?

  3. Reply to Leenda, petitechouxx & Suzy..

    @Leenda, hmm, the magazines usually have a sample of a product in it here.

    @Petitechouxx, haha holland is great ^^, BUT quite expensive compared to asian countries =/

    @Suzy, nope heb 'm zelf nog niet geprobeert, maar zal nog wel een review erover schrijve ^^ !! heb je de glamour ook gehaald =) ?

  4. damn i wish i was in holland for this ^^ and is the mascara any good i bet it is :3 :p thanks for sharing ^^

  5. @naka, don't know yet, haven't tried it ^.^ but I will post a review about it after I tried it =D

  6. Ja ik heb 'm ook gehaald :D Heb de mascara gisteravond geprobeerd en vond 'm wel fijn eigenlijk :) Jammer dat het maar een kleine sample is :(

  7. @ Suzy, haha moet het nog steeds uitprobere xD smudged hij niet ? jaa vind het ook jammer, mja is toch wel handig om 'm in je tas te houde ^^

  8. hi babe!
    i'm currently visiting TheHague@Holland..
    i dont see this magazine around yet.. but will watch out

    would you like to meetup sometime next week?
    i'm an asian-chinese blogger from sunnyside KL,Malaysia

    hope to hear from you

  9. @stellarvixen,
    hi =), how long are you staying in holland ^^? and with who ^^? yeah, sure^^ would love to meet haha, but it depends on which day, cuz I still need to go to uni =)

    about the magazine, its probably sold out everywhere, since its almost 2 october, stores won't have it in stock.



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