20 September 2010

Soundtrack of Kdrama Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스

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My opinion about this kdrama
I've watched 6 episodes so far and its quite addictive. I like the story of ISWAK^_^. They added some jokes at the korean version, which is good. (like the lady gaga costume xD)

It's not my favorite kdrama, but its fun to watch =). The smile of Kim Hyun Joong is super cute gnagnagna.. Ahum anyways....However, there is a male actor (Lee Tae Sung) which has a elvis haircut, which annoys me a bit >.<" but overall its a nice drama & recommended ^_^ Whats your opinion about this drama?

Download the soundtrack:
Soyu (SISTAR) - Saying I love you / Should I confess (사랑한다 말할까)

Year: 2010

Listen to the soundtrack


  1. I like it so far too. I think it is a light and funny drama. =] I thought episode 6 was hilarious! hahaha The whole convenient store and chicken delivery incident cracked me up. lol

  2. I agree! I love love love this drama. I finished the latest episode last night and it was adorable. I was always a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, especially when he was in SS501. ^^

  3. it hasnt started playing on my mbc channel yet!

  4. yay...my sister like this too..

  5. Awww dat liedje is lief <3

    Ik heb nog geen afleveringen gezien, ben het wel van plan though :) Maar ben net klaar met de jdrama Buzzer Beat (aanrader!!).

  6. Korean dramas are always so addicting! That's why I can't watch them anymore! >.<

  7. Reply to Leenda, Michelle-esque, Ken, Suzy and hkittygirl

    @Leenda, yeahh hahaha her chicken jacket is funny =p I really had to laugh too xD

    @Michelle-esque, i like kim hyun joong too xD he's super cuteee, liked him at boys before flowers as well ^_^!

    @ken, they don't even broadcast korean series herea =( i just download it

    @Suzy, Wel kijkenn !!! =p it's funnn xD hmm, ik/ heb eigenlijk nog nooit een jdrama gezien =p

    @hkittygirl, yes they are but, they only have 20 episodes or something and it comes once week so.. ^_^


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