16 September 2010

Domino nail art tutorial

Yesss^_^! Finally a new nail art tutorial everybody! And this time its the domino nail art tutorial :)

Things that you need:
1. A Cotton swab
2. A Toothpick
3. A Nail file
4. A base & a top coat
5. A black & a white nail polish
6. A white tip painter or a nail brush
7. Nail polish remover

1st step: Grab your toothpick and cut the two ends with a scissor (see above).
2nd step: Grab your nail file and file the toothpick to create flat ends.
3rd step: Apply a base coat and let it dry.
4th step: Apply a black nail polish and let it dry.
5th step: Use a white tip painter to apply a white line in the middle of all of your nails. (see picture)
6th step: Put a bit of white nail polish on a piece of paper and put your toothpick in it.
7th step: Apply dots on your nails, just like domino's and let this dry. (see picture)
8th step: Tidy up, if you've got any polish on the skin around your nail, grab the cotton swab and put some nail polish remover on it and gentle rub away the unwanted nail polish.
9th step: Apply a top coat when everything is dry and you're done :)

Nail polishes that I used:
- Dear'Lee black nail polish
- Dear'Lee white nail polish
- Catrice white tip painter
Hope it was clear & I hope you like it ^_^ feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests :)


  1. Aww this is so cute, and orginal too! ^^ You always have the best nail art tutorials :)

  2. That's a great design!


  3. Reply to Libby & Becky
    @ Ahwww. thanks Libby ♥. I'm glad that you like it ^_^!

    @Becky, thanks =D I'm trying to think of more fun nail art tutorials ^_^

  4. elisa, deze is echt cute =D ghihi ~
    hmm..ff uitproberen een keertje ;p

  5. another cute nail tutorial! omg! How I wish I can paint my nails like that O.o I always fail when I try. kkk~

  6. omg awesome dominoes nails!

    that looks really hard to do

  7. Reply to Prisj, bubblydolly & Ken.

    @Prisj, haha thanks =D !! hihi
    @bubblydolly, its not hardd!! You really should try it =D !
    @Ken, thankssss =D, nooo it was actually very very easy to do xD

  8. This is awesome~!
    I think I might try this soon :D ..But I need a red/black nail art soon so ..probably after I do that x3

  9. Wow you are seriously creative! love it! Followed you to see more :)

  10. This is super cute >.< !!! and original as well !

  11. Wow, cool nails. You are very creative. :-)

  12. @Melody, oehh, let me know when you've done it =D would love to see it =D hihi..

    @arsyparsy, thanks for following ^_^!

    @Tommy, Anastacia, Sakie& Thomas Gantz, thank youu =D


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