14 September 2010

Songs of Matt Cab

I actually didn't know who Matt Cab is l0l.... I know I'm outdated >.<" hehe.... When I went to Ian K's blog I heard a few songs of Matt Cab. I liked it so much that I decided to download a few of his songs :) This isn't the full album which I'm sharing, I just selected a few. I really like the melody & beats. They are all slow jams, so if you don't like slow jams you can skip this post =(

Matt Cabb also did a few covers like ...........A cover of Usher- Hey daddy

A cover of Justin Bieber & Usher - Somebody to love

1. All my Love
2. Can't let go
3. Crush
4. Earthquake
5. If it's not me
6. It's alright
7. Magic
8. The One
9. She got away
10. You were mine
11. Somebody to love

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=97Y26AAK


  1. Aw I'm very honoured, Elisa! :D

    I'll post up more jams for you in the future, yes? :}

  2. hahah ^_^! yeahhh, that would be nice =D

  3. oh wow! I like the justin bieber coverr!! :D

    Jennifer & Sherry


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