12 July 2010

Sheet masks

You've probably seen some reviews on my sis' blog, cuz I also bought a bunch of sheet masks for her. I bought these while I was in Shanghai, cuz they can't be bought here in the Netherlands. And they are super cheap in China so I bought a bunch of it xD l0l. I still need to review them all, so stay tuned. I bought all of the sheet masks at Watsons, a very famous drugstore all over Asia.

What I bought?
Bird's nest sheet masks
Collagen sheet masks
Sheet + eye masks of Watsons
Sheet masks of the brand Eight Relovery

There are two sheet masks of Eight Relovery in my give away ^^!!
I have tried a lot of them already and they are so refreshing and relaxing =D just love it! Too bad its not sold here ='( I've heard of the brand My Beauty Diary before but never tried it =) I have read some good reviews about those!

Question to you: Have you used any sheet masks before? Were they good or bad?


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  1. Oh this is the first time i've ever heard about these, do they just cleanse you face? I will have to try them out :)



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