10 July 2010

My aunt's cake

Pictures taken by a friend of mine

Wow, there are a lot of reviews online about this place. This place is called: De taart van m'n tante, translation: My aunt's cake. Such a stupid name actually xD Anyways, I stood up early today and really wanted to have a piece of cake (yeah, i'm weird i know), so I called my best buddy xD. And suddenly we found this place. It looks very cozy inside and its very colorful as you can see on the picture above. They sell many home made cakes, (a lot of chocolate cakes btw.), yumm.. you just want to try them all, by just looking at it =P~~ Its the place to be for sugar-addicts^-^~ However, the cakes were quite pricey; the cheapest piece was around 4.30 euros or something. And the cakes were good^_^ but actually I had better ones, so its not really worth the money.

Ferdinand Bolstraat 10
1072 LJ Amsterdam
020 7764600


  1. wow how pretty! I'd love to visit when I go to Europe one day :)
    and the cake looks delicious!

  2. Waah, ik wil daar ook echt een keer heen. Ze hebben zulke amazing taarten... zucht.

  3. I thought that the colorful cake with the candy on the top was real xD

  4. this place is amazing! it's like the madhatter barfed all over the place. i guess the place isn't about amazing cakes, but cool ambience. :)

  5. Ahh this is so cute!!

    Lovin' your blog btw! ^^



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