19 May 2011

Review: NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder

This is the first New York Color (NYC) product that I'm trying. This color wheel is available in more colors. I bought the 723A Pink Cheek Glow, they also have 722 Translucent Highlighter Glow, 724 All Over Bronze Glow and the 725 Rose Glow. The one that I bought rather looks like a blush than a face powder to me xD.

Description on the packaging
Accents cheeks with a rosy glow and helps to reduce shine. Oil absorbing. Fragrance free. TO USE: Apply with brush and blend. Wear alone or over make-up.

The packaging looks simple, but still nice. One thing that I don't like is the cap. The cap can easily go off when you have this in your makeup bag =.=".

One face powder costs €4,99 in The Netherlands. I don't think it's expensive, it's affordable ;). (Net Wt. 0.32 oz/ 9.0 g.)

Wear time
It stayed on my cheeks for 4-5 hours or so.

Awesome pattern ^^. I like the cool mosaic pattern on this face powder, so that's the main reason why I bought it ^__^. Besides, it also has a bit shimmer on it, but that's not noticeable when it's on your cheeks. 

This color wheel has 4 different colors. When you swirl your brush on it, you will combine the colors and notice a dusty rose pink color.
I swatched the 4 colors without a base. Number 2 and 4 are very pigmented. Number 1 and 3 is less pigmented than the rest.

In the picture below you will see the colors combined. I applied a base beforehand, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the color in the picture. It's easy to apply and easy to blend. The color is a bit too pink to me, but it looks ok when I apply a very very sheer layer on my cheeks ^^. I think that it will be more suitable for people with a darker skin tone. I look like a doll with very pink cheeks if I apply too much xD lol I'm too pale for this color.

- Affordable price
- Lovely pattern
- Wear time is quite long
- Easy to blend
- NYC doesn't tests on animals

- Too pink on my pale skin
- Cap can go off easily

Overall I think it's a good blush for its price. I wouldn't recommend this blush to people with a pale skin like me though >.<".


  1. Elisa, with the whole Blogger mess up, I can't remember if I've notified you or not, but I gave you the One Lovely Blog award. Sorry, if I've already mentioned this, but I had to re-blog that post and go around notifying people again so it's all one big confusion! :|
    Anywayz, yeah, just my way of letting you know that I enjoy reading your blog :D

  2. Klinkt zoo goed :D

  3. @Joey, thank you so much joey ^^ I replied on your blogpost ;)

  4. Would you suggest any other type of blush that not as bright, one that's more subtle and naturally looking?

  5. @Anna, Uhhmm.. I don't know if this one is sold in your country. But I reviewed the Angelfit brighten up blush a while back from Maybelline. Link: http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/02/review-maybelline-angelfit-brighten-up.html.

    Some people might think it's a bit too light.. I hear mixed opinions about it ^^ but that one looks quite natural on my pale skin ^^ it's inexpensive as well and it's quite sheer. Good if you're looking for a natural blush ;)

  6. De kleur ziet er cute uit. Heeft de blush een koude of een warme ondertoon?

  7. Thank you so much for this review. I've always been curious about NYC cosmetics... I mean they're so cheap I often wonder what the catch is XD.

    By the way I also want to thank you so much for all your nail art review, they're so great! There are too many for me to go through them all and comment on but I really like all of them. Now I just need nails :(.

  8. Ik dacht dat NYC niet op dieren testte! Gelukkig dat ik dat nu wel weet, ik probeer het namelijk echt te vermijden.

  9. @Marieke, ahhh.. my bad my bad... NYC test NIET op dieren. Had het perongeluk erbij gezet.. Het is dierproefvrij!

  10. hello! cute blusher no wonder it caught your eye! im confused though-in canada-i saw one stand of NYC products so it can't be that bad...but i also see it in dollar stores etc...i dont think theyre fakes...so is NYC a cheap brand/cheap but good quality brand/or they're fakes?

  11. I use this mosaic blush all the time, only in the peach shades. I love it!

  12. No worries at all. This shows that your blog is so lovely, you get the award several times ;)

    I know! I totally splurged on cameras the last 2 months. Am on a year-long ban now! It's lomography so it can be quite tricky. Sometimes the pics will turn out good, sometimes over/underexposed. I'll post pics when I use my Diana Mini :D

    I got my tripod from Amazon, they have really cheap ones there. Just slightly over a tenner

  13. @hihihi, it's a budget brand. The products are all affordable thus not expensive. About the quality, that differs from the product. The nail polishes are too sheer, which aren't that good. The blushes and bronzers are good for its price.

    Uhh, I don't know if there are fake ones though haha xD but guess not.. since the normal price aren't that high. You can check the prices online on their website: http://www.newyorkcolor.com/

    Hope my answer helped ^^

  14. ik vind kleur 4 het mooist ~ maar ik hou van felle kleurtjes hihi XD

  15. great review on the blusher. nice swatches!

  16. @flowercream, Het heeft een dusty rose pink color en het heeft een koude undertone ;).. ik weet dat het best moeilijk te zien is op me foto die ik had genomen >.<".

  17. Wat een schitterende blush! Ik wil hem :D

  18. thanks elisa!! that actually realllllly helped! :) the website seems even cheaper than in stores though, the stores must be trying to make a profit! do u know if any other of their products (other than blusher) are good? ^^

  19. @hihihi, I'm glad that i could help^^. The bronzers (which is called NYC sun 2 sun) is also good for its price. Also the eyeshadows are pigmented (that surprised me haha)!! I have one of the INDIVIDUALEYES CUSTOM COMPACT eye shadows myself which is pigmented as well ^^. I'm sure that you can swatch it in the drugstore =D so check it out when you're there ;).

  20. I liked the pattern :) It reminds me A LOT of the NYX Mosaic brushes...sometimes I think NYC intentionally wants to be mixed up with NYX :\

  21. @Elle, didn't even notice it, but hey you're right xD haha. It looks very similar, the blush colors as well >.<".

  22. haha...i used to thnk nyx and nyc were the same since i dont know much about makeup ^^
    oh...really?? the eyeshadows are good? :) i wish they were shimmery though (the two coloured ones)
    i love the pattern on the blusher as well!it makes me want it even though id never buy blusher ^^

  23. Absolutely wonderful!
    Exceptionally inspirational!


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