15 June 2010

Sponge nail art tutorial

I had never used a sponge before for nail art, but I wanted to try it out.

First, clean and wash your hands, let it dry and apply a good base coat on all your nails :) Ok, let the base coat dry first. When its dry, follow the following steps:
Step 1: Grap a clean sponge and cut the sponge into small pieces. You only need one piece.
Step 2: Apply some white nail polish on the sponge ( not too much, otherwise you won't get the sponge effect)


Step 3: Dap the sponge on the tips of your nails. Do this to all your nails and let it dry. Can you see the sponge effect?


Step 4: Apply some glittery nail polish on the tips of your nails and let it dry. I have used the colors gray and yellow.


Step 5: Apply a top coat and you're done =D!


I have used a white nail polish of the brand: Dear'Lee and glitter gray and glitter yellow nail polish of Catrice.


  1. I'm in awe right now! I can't do nail art at all... (TT.TT) Esp. like that kind, it looks super complicated. Still, with your tutorial I kinda wanna try it!


  2. wow the way u do ur nails thats really awesome i just gave u a award check it out on my blog


  3. ahww, thanks =D y'll should try it ^^ it isn't that hard, its actually quite easy =D

  4. awesome nails!
    have to try this too!! :D

  5. Your nails look so pretty! =]

  6. awesome nail art! :) i cant do nail art but i really like it! :D

    yeah hk disney is very small compared to other disney resorts but still fun nonetheless :)


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