14 June 2010

GOSH Eye liner pen

I bought the Eye liner pencil of GOSH. The price is 6.99 euros. The pencil is hard and not very thick so it's very easy to apply it. I really like the color of it cuz its really BLACK!

♥ Easy to apply and easy to remove
♥ Color is BLACK
♥ Doesn't smell
♥ Packaging
♥ Long lasting

♥ It smudges on an oily skin
♥ Price; a bit expensive for a eyeliner pencil

Rate: ♥♥♥♥♥ 1.8/5

This isn't a product which is suitable for me =( such a pity.. I don't recommend this product for people with an oily skin type because it smudges after 15 minutes already =.=", since its not waterproof. So that's why I rated this product low.

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