05 June 2010

I'm nagging ...

This is Amsterdam, boats ...water ... trees ... and fresh air =)
This was my nice view while I was studying in the library a few days ago~ Such a nice weather these days, unfortunately I had to study the whole week.. I'm stressing my ass off, cuz its my last exam before I can graduate, its the most difficult exam I've ever had and I don't get a sh*t of it~

Sorry for not posting anything these days, I didn't do anything special cuz I had to study :(. And damnz, the braces hurts! I can't even eat normally and I feel very insecure because of the braces, its freaking ugly x_x".. but ok, it was my own decision to take it, so I shouldn't complain.

Sorry,, I'm nagging haha .....


  1. Leeer ze!!! You can doit!!! en en en place some sessy braceface pics =P

  2. mygod, wat ben je snel met reageren xD.

    thanksss.. and nooooooo i'm not going to do that whuahaha xD

  3. Kakakaka offcuz ik heb je weblog als openingspagina van mijn browser en als je telkens iets post dan krijg ik een melding =P...kekeke j/k xD

  4. hahahah gek.. almost done with my exams larrr~ dan eindelijk weer wat chiller =.= ben echt moe van 't leren.

  5. Woohooo na je exams mag je weer buiten spelen xD. Kheb vandaag weer geshopped en moshi moshi gegeten xD, ben net pas thuis =P, morgen weer 5:45 opstaan om te werken.....nog 3 dagen volhouden =D ekekekkekeke

  6. ahww sjo lekkerr ^^ ik wil ook sushiiii =P ging je je bday viere =o?
    nywaysss, gen3iet vn je daggie^^!


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