07 June 2010

Escape café in Amsterdam

I didn't took this picture today, I just forgot to post this xD It was a freakin' sunny day! And my friend and I were just sick and tired of studying the whole time. So we went to escape cafe to have a bite and chill~ Its always so crowded there when its sunny =) The service wasn't that great, but the place looks nice and of course the food xD.

Truly recommend this place ^__^

Rembrandtplein 11
1017 CT Amsterdam
020 6221111


  1. thanks for your comment :3
    these sandwiches looks really delicious!*_* yum!

  2. Wauw ziet er zoals altijd lekker uit!!! Nice review =P, hoe ghaat het met je tandjes?Pijn m pijn ah =D

  3. @Tommii, neahhh doet geen pijn :), maar kan nog steeds niet meer normaal ete.. voel me net als een oma xD hahaha hoe was je bday ah :O?


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