29 May 2010

Technology ruins your life

Haven't you noticed that technology is ruining our lives? I was sitting in a crowded train once and I suddenly noticed that everybody around me was using an Ipod, Iphone or a Blackberry (Using Ping/Whatsapp/MSN/Going on facebook, hyves etc etc.. Really like WOW, and I was holding my Blackberry in my hands hahaha. These things are distractive, addictive and its ruining our normal lives. We are spending way too much energy and time behind our computer/phone than in books.. Even little children are using them, like what the hell happened? When I was a child I was playing Pokemon xD! I didn't even have a phone when I was 10 years old o_O!?

*sigh Lets just say.... The new generation is extremely spoiled!

I have posted this video before on my Facebook of WongFu Productions. Really think its a good video xD hahaha.

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