17 April 2010

Zebra print nail art

I hadn't done my nails for a while, so my sis did some "creative" nail art on my nails today :). The last time she did the leopard print, see link: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/03/leopard-nails.html . And this time she tried the zebra print xD and she actually succeeded to do it. *claps*

However, it smudged a bit, while I was applying the top coat. Too bad, but the outcome is still nice :). She used the black and white nail polishes of the brand: Dear'Lee.


  1. oops ik dacht dat die zwarte een C&B potje was.. ff editen op mn site XD

  2. nee was allebei van dear'lee :)

  3. whoaaa this is super creative! i love it


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