23 April 2010

Feeling like a monster o_o!

Good news; my teacher FINALLY approved the subject for my thesis, which means I can finally start with my thesis this month (woopie~) *sigh, I had waited for like 2 months for the approval. And I was scared that I couldn't graduate this semester. But ok, hope is coming back again. I'm going to start with my thesis from next week on, which means I won't have any social life anymore for these 2-3 months =(.

I hadn't been to the gym this week so I finally had some time to do some fitness. However, (omg, I feel so bad) I was a bit hungry after that so I went to have a dinner with a friend nearby the gym called; Grandcafé Blom. It has very good reviews, the food was nice and the service was just great. People were very nice there and everybody just seem to be happy :D ahh, I like to see that ^^! I feel like a monster, I'm eating so many things this week o_o" look at my posts, its all about food whauhaha, omg. I have to quit =p
Totally recommend this café/restaurant, I will definitely go back there again :)

Grandcafé Blom
1e Oosterparkstraat 251
1091 HA Amsterdam

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  1. Zalm salade met pijboompitten ziet er smullend uit:D


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