07 March 2010

Show Luo 罗志祥 - 罗生门

I have noticed that a lot of people are downloading my music files, so I decided to share a song/MV or album once a week :) I like english/japanese/korean and chinese (cantonese and mandarin) songs. This week I want to share an album of Show Luo 罗志祥, which is called 罗生门. This is one of his newest album (2010) and it has some soundtracks of Hi My Sweetheart in it (song #3, #6 and #12) . Sadly, that drama has already ended, but we can still enjoy the soundtracks of it :).

Language: Mandarin

Best songs of this album are marked red:
01. 罗生门
02. 爱的主场秀
03. 生理时钟
04. 习惯就好
05. 危险的念头
06. 爱疯头
07. 爱不单行
08. 搞定
09. 为什么要在一起
10. 老实讲
11. WOW-罗志祥/萧亚轩
12. In your eyes-罗志祥/杨丞琳

Download the album: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5MHVGCIZ



  1. Hij-is-fokking-lekker.

  2. INDERDAAD =P stom dat ik 'm niet kon checke in Hangzhou =( ! lucky bastard!!


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