30 March 2010

Top places to go in Shanghai!

I'm so busy lately with everything, school, work, friends.. Didn't really had time to post something these 2 days. But for the people who still want to travel/ do his internship in Shanghai or whatever, I advice you a few places to go.

#1 Nanjing West Road (南京西路/南京东路)
I so going to miss this place, it is the city centre of shanghai. I have been here so many times and it’s so fun to be here, doesn’t matter if you just walk or go shopping. The atmosphere is just NICE! All those lights, all those people ^^

#2 The Bund
The Bund is such a pretty place, especially when it's dark. BUT it's quite far from the city centre. So I didn't go there often. But you must have seen this if you are in Shanghai.

#3 YuYuan Garden 豫园
YuYuan is the place to go if you want to get a Shanghainese feeling. You can eat a lot of Shanghainese snacks. What you must eat is 上海小龙包!Always a very long row, but it's worth a try.

#4 Xintiandi 新天地
Western street with a lot of bars, there are also two clubs there; G+ and Lux.

Must go towers: Jin Mao Tower, Tv Tower
Best grocery store (Japanese products); The Fresh Market - Jing An Station, Exit 2
Best convenience store; Family Mart
Best Ice cream; Cold Stone
Best Hotpot restaurant;
-Dollar Shop (100RMB p.p),
-Little Sheep (Not expensive at all!)
Best Burger; Blue Frog
Best Club; Bar 88 , Muse #1
Best KTV; Hao Le Di
Best shopping places;
-European stuff ; Nanjing xi lu station , exit 4 Fake market, exit 2
-Raffles City People square, exit 15.
-For the very rich people ; Plaza 66
Cheap Chinese style clothing; Jing An station , exit 5 People Square Station, Exit 2
Very Cheap; 7 pu lu.
Fake brands market 1; Nanjing xi lu , exit 2.
Fake brands market 2 ; Science Technology station line 2, Pudong
Arcade Hall; People Square station ; Samsung building

I know that there are many places in Shanghai, but these are the places where I normally go =)
If you have any questions about Shanghai, feel free to ask me.

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  1. Elisa!! Thanks for advice, i totally gonna visit most of these;)


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