05 January 2017

Review: Skininc routine with Before & After Pictures Week 2-4

Happy 2017! I am a bit late, but better late than never. I haven't been feeling too well in the past few days which is why I couldn't post anything here. However, the long waited review will be shared today. If you have been following me on instagram @Sokobeauty you already knew that I have been using Skin inc. products for the past 2 months. If you have missed my skincare routine blogpost and how my skin looked before and after week 1 using their products, check it out HERE. In today's blogpost I will share my before and after pictures of week 2 - 4 and my final thoughts after using it for the past months.

My favourite products of the whole routine got to be the daily dose serum - my personal created serum and the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. The mask feels so cooling on my skin and it just sinks into my skin leaving a smooth, non-sticky finish. It calms my skin and it is definitely suitable for sensitive skintypes, it is so gentle!

It took some time to take pictures twice every single week but I managed to do it. I tried my best to have the same lighting as well. You might see some pictures where the light is slightly different my apologies for that.

In week 2 I snacked a lot of crisps, chocolates, I was stressed and slept late and so on and you can see that on my skin as well (left picture). My eye bags were more visible, I had pimples, yes the 3 small ones on my forehead and I had one on my chin too. Within a week these pimples were almost fully gone and I am sure the Skin inc products helped with that. It moisturizes my skin, it won't irritate pimples but makes it very soothing and calming.



To be honest, no big changes can be seen by looking at these pictures from week 1 to 4. However, I can definitely FEEL differences from day 1 that I am using the Skin inc products. These were the few changes that I noticed after using their products only, after week 1:
• it is way easier to apply make up and goes on naturally
• my skin feels deeply hydrated
• my skin feels smoother
• some blemishes started to fade

To be fair I didn't notice any new big changes during the other 3 weeks. My blemishes are still there, I did notice some fading but obviously it takes a long time until my old pimple marks and blemishes are fully gone. The products are very calming and soothing, it made my skin smoother and it is still way easier to apply make up in the morning. A downside that I noticed is that you really need to put a lot of product of the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask otherwise the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light won't go on smoothly on the skin. You really need to take time of 10 minutes to use the light device every single day and this is actually quite a long time, but this became a habit to use it every night for me. The blue light is my favourite out of the 3 since I noticed it made my skin so calm. I really hoped that the yellow light would work on me giving me a brighter complexion but that didn't do much. To be able to see results of the red light, it needs a longer period than just those weeks so I didn't notice much after using it.

After the 4 weeks, it started to get really cold in The Netherlands and I noticed that my skin needed more, YES MOISTURE! My eyes needed more moisture and during the extremely cold days the skincare routine that I had, wasn't hydrating enough for my skin. After week 4, I started to add the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence but also The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Eye Serum into my skincare routine and I added another face cream as well. After using the Tri-light device the products was all soaked into my skin which was good, but my skin just needed more moisture, so I added the Purpletale facial cream into my skincare routine as well. This made it complete and moisturizing enough for the extremely cold days.

After 2 months of using the Skin inc products day and night, I am almost out of the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask as well as my daily dose serum. I still got lots of product of the Pure Revival Peel. I will use everything till I am out of it. Overall, I am very happy to be able to try the Skin Inc. products, the routine did change my skin into a more calm skin and made it a lot easier for me to apply make up.

note: these products were sent to me to try, this didn't affect my opinion about the product. I didn't receive money to write about it, see disclaimer.



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