04 November 2016

Review + Swatches: Etude House Cream Filter Any Cushion

If you got a combination skin and searching for a cushion, this might be for you! As you may already know Etude House has released a new cushion called Cream Filter Any Cushion. I blogged about it before here. It contains SPF33 PA++ which is great for during the day if the sun is not too shiny. It comes in a gorgeous packaging. In today's blogpost I am sharing my thoughts about this cream filter.

This is also called the morning radiance cushion - this cream filter cushion expresses delicate cream radiance with its triple filtering effect. It comes in 5 shades and I got it in the lightest version which is Vanilla #19 that has a pink base. It claims to provide a clear and bright skin tone and 24-hour moisture. It has 14g of product inside.

I like the packaging of this cushion, it has a holographic front and is also light pink. Once you open the cap you can see the blue puff. You can either apply the product with that, or you can apply it with a brush. When you purchase the Any Cushion on etudehouse.com, you will get a brush for free.

Because of the filter, it comes evenly on the puff. Makes it very easy to work with. It's easy to apply and very blendable which I love about this product.

If you apply this on its own it will oxidize the product at my oily areas (T-zone) and will only last for 3 hours or so. To make it last longer, I apply concealer and sebum powder after, which makes it last for around 5 hours. It starts to oxidize around my nose area and I get oily then. However, I don't look like a light bulb which I notice sometimes when I apply cushion foundations. The combination with my concealer and sebum powder, seems to control my sebum fairly well for a good 5 hours.

The coverage is light, it's only able to cover the redness. This would be perfect for you if you got great skin without any imperfections and just want to even out your skintone. If you do want to cover freckles or dark spots, apply a concealer to cover it up.

I only applied the product here without any concealer, and my freckles and dark spots are still clearly visible. Just to show you the shade of the product on my skin I dapped the puff once on my cheek (see picture on the left). I applied it on my whole face after (see picture on the right). Weird enough the puff can even stick on my cheek which means the product is a bit sticky, which does help with the adherence to the skin. There is luckily no sticky feeling when it's on the skin, you will only notice it when you apply it.

I love the finish! It's semi matte, more towards the matte side to be honest with a healthy glow. It looks very natural which I really love. It doesn't make me look like a light bulb which I often have with some cushions that are very moist. The moisture of this cushion is just right, it doesn't dry out my skin or cling on the sides of my nose. Do make sure to scrub one day before to remove your flakey skin, because this cushion will enhance those areas. During the day it feels hydrated and re-application is extremely easy and non-cakey looking.

You are able to purchase it at Etudehouse.com (official worldwide Etude House website), it's sold for USD$ 17.28 there where they offer a free brush with your purchase.

This is the very first cushion that I am pretty positive about. I am really amazed by the natural finish of this cream filter, how it feels on the skin, how evenly it comes on the puff and how blendable it is. I do wish it had more coverage and that it lasted longer, but with a bit of concealer and sebum powder, I am all good to go. It's quick, just pad pad pad for a few seconds and it's all good. What I do think about cushion in general: it's hard to apply it on my nose area, nose corners. I can obviously fold the puff but my hands gets dirty because the puff contains product on it, so that's what I don't really like about using a puff, but using a brush would definitely make it easier to apply it at the nose corners as well.

If you got perfect skin and just want to have an even skin tone and want a semi matte finish. This is definitely a product for you. If you are searching for a cushion with more coverage and can't be bothered to use more products, it's better to skip this.

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes by Etude House, this didn't affect my opinion about the product. I didn't receive money to write about it, see disclaimer.


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