04 November 2016

Review: Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand & Face Pencil and Extra Repair Nourishing Milk

A few weeks ago I went to an event from the amazing brand Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown is actually one of my first brands that I used when I started with make up and I am still loving it. Bobbi Brown turned 25 this year. They got some new items added into their collection, for example a nourishing milk, retouching face pencil and the retouching wand. It's all about looking natural with minimal make up. I am loving the thought behind it.

For an Asian like me, it's extremely hard to find a foundation or concealer shade that matches my skintone. If you look at foundations of Western brands it's often too orange, but Bobbi Brown is the only brand for me who has a matching foundation color for my skintone. Their assortment is so big and the shades that they have is a lot. In today's blogpost I will be showing you some swatches and will review the products.

In celebration of 25 years of "be who you are" beauty at Bobbi Brown, they asked real women to tell us what "be who you are" means to them. They share real advice on what makes them feel comfortable in their skin, when they feel their most beautiful and how makeup helps them feel extra confident.
I have always loved their packaging, it's chic; black and white, very simple but lovely! It comes in 9 different shades, from light to dark. It's easy to use, you just need to twist the base of the wand to dispense the amount out that you would like. There is a sponge tip, which is the applicator where the product comes out as well, so no brush needed to apply it on the skin. The sponge tip is extremely soft and easy to work with. The only downside is probably that you can't wash it, so a bit un-hygienic.

Unfortunately I received a retouching wand in the color light that doesn't suit my skintone and is orange. BUT, they do have a shade that is called porcelain which is the lightest shade that they have and matches my skintone. During the event the MUA used porcelain on my skin and I was amazed that it matched since not many brands has a matching shade for my skintone. The coverage is extremely light, it won't cover up blemishes straight away, but this is a retouching wand, so you already have foundation on the skin. All you need to do is blot your skin from sebum and apply this on top of it. It can look extremely cakey if you retouch your foundation with another layer, but this won't! It leaves an extremely natural finish and that's what you want to accomplish.

The retouching wand is sold for €36.-

It's a tad pricey but I really dig the natural finish that it has. I always look cakey when I re-apply concealer or foundation, but this won't. I just love how natural it looks on the skin and it's easy to carry around as well. I would really consider to re-purchase it if I was out of it.

NO this is not a milk that includes whitening ingredients. This product has the moisture of a face oil & the skin-renewing benefits of a treatment. It's suitable for normal to dry skin.

This milky formula is lightweight and gives a moisture boost to your skin while giving your skin a lovely radiance. It claims to work over time to rejuvenate the skin for a healthier looking complexion.

It contains different kinds of oil to make it nourishing: olive, sesame, sweet almond and jojoba oils.
It includes sodium hyaluronate - a natural moisture magnet, it retains moisture on the surface of the skin for immediate and sustained hydration. It has natural lipid supplements to help promote skin barrier repair for instant radiation and long-term hydration. It also corrects skin damage with it's Extra repair complex which helps stimulate natural collagen production and strengthens skin's protective moisture barrier.

It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper applicator, very easy to use.

Apply the product after you apply serum. It sinks in a few seconds and you can follow up with a moisturizer. It can be used day or night, but it's ideally a night treatment, because the skin's renewal process is most active then.

The nourishing milk is white, easy to spread and has a runny texture. As you can see on the right, it's extremely lightweight and absorbs quickly even though it has oils included. It feels very moist on the skin, definitely suitable for the Winter period that is coming. After applying, it gives my skin a healthy glow which I love! The scent is light and smells like lavender, it fades away after applying it so I don't mind it.

This nourishing milk is sold for €95.- which is WOW, an extremely high price for a nourishing milk.

This nourishing milk works for me and I am amazed how fast it absorbs while having so many oils included. I don't turn into a light bulb after applying it, but it just leaves a natural radiance behind. Since I use many layers in my skincare routine, it doesn't matter for me to use it either on day or night time, but I do love how fast it absorbs which makes it great if you want to be quick. It has loads of benefits, but many can only be seen after using it after a longer period, which is why I cannot judge at the moment if it's really worth the price tag. I have used it for a month or so and I noticed that my skin is more moist, no flakey skin and more radiant.

YES TO NATURAL RETOUCHING! This is a creamy-matte pencil that lightens shadows, covers dark spots and neutralizes redness. It comes in 10 shades from light to dark. I received the illuminate pencil that's ideal for all skin tones. It can be used for highlighting cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes, or brow bones.

The first time that the MUA applied it on my skin, and she used the shade porcelain again, I was amazed! Why? Because of the silky matte texture that it has. It just glides over my skin and I love it! In the picture below you can see it in the shade illuminate. It's a lovely highlighter that is instantly visible. There is no need to apply a lot, it's extremely easy to use, within a few seconds you are good to go again. LOVE IT!

The retouching pencil is sold for €29.-.

This pencil in combination with the retouching wand is MAGIC! I just love how natural it looks and it's quick! We are always on the go and when you just want to retouch your make up, these are the two products that you NEED! I just love how natural it looks. I would really consider to purchase this retouching pencil.

During the event the Bobbi Brown MUA applied the retouching wand & the pencil on my skin as well. Can't you see me glowing? Love the illuminator!
picture taken by Liset: beautydagboek

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes, this didn't affect my opinion about the product. I didn't receive money to write about it, see disclaimer.



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