05 October 2016

Review: Nature Republic Green Tea Seed Serum

I love to try everything with green tea because I have such a great experience with the Innisfree green tea line. When I saw the green tea seed serum from Nature Republic, I was wondering if it's any good. In today's blogpost I will be sharing my thoughts about it.

It's a serum that is made from natural oils such as 67% green tea seed oil that provides rich moisture and nutrients onto the skin. It has a soft effect upon application and it will make your skin feel refreshed. It contains 50ml and is for all skintypes.

It comes in a light & dark green packaging. The product itself comes in a green packaging with a pump. I love how clean the packaging looks. It has a small cap at the pump area that you need to remove before you pump the product out. A little goes a long way, just one pump and it covers my entire face.

Pump an appropriate amount out and apply on the skin. When to use this in your skincare routine really depends on your personal routine. You can apply this after your toner, if you don't use an essence. If you do use an essence, apply the serum after the essence.

The color is light green. The texture is a light gel, very easy to spread and is lightweight. It has a fresh citrus green tea scent, that might be overwhelming to some. I got to be honest and say that this is a bit overwhelming for me too, I preferably use scentless products.

Obviously camellia sinensis leaf water is the first ingredient in the list. Green tea leaves comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. This product contains 65% camellia sinensis (/green tea) seed oil. If you want to know if some of these ingredients might irritate your skin, you can check out the ingredient list on cosdna.com. Other than green tea seed oil, it also contains other great ingredients like soybean oil and chamomile extract.

Be aware that this product does contain alcohol denat (it's listed as their 7th ingredient): which is why this serum gives a quick-drying finish, immediately makes the skin matte and feels weightless on the skin. At the end of the list you can find perfume as well, but the amount of it is small.

I received this product from q-depot.com and they are selling it for USD$31.75.

It comes in a great sturdy plastic packaging with a pump which makes it easy to get the product out. This product does what it says, with the green tea seed oil that it contains, it's making my skin soft and moisturized. It's easy to apply and to spread. Once it's on the skin, it turns into a matte formula and it makes the skin soft and refreshed as well since it has a bit of a cooling effect to it. This serum has a ph 6 which isn't bad for a serum.

This serum does reminds me of the Innisfree green tea seed serum. Texture seems similar, soaks up into the skin fast, keeps the skin moist. Scent wise I definitely prefer the Innisfree one. The scent of the Nature Republic serum is a bit overwhelming and I don't like the citrus scent in it. However, this is a personal preference. Do keep in mind that both serums has alcohol as well as fragrance in it. Price wise, the Innisfree serum is cheaper and you are getting more product for the price that you pay. (The Innisfree green tea seed serum is at q-depot.com USD$27.14 for 80ml of product.)

Which one works better? Both are moisturizing and that's the only thing that it does to my skin, it just gives some extra moist into my skin. Using this on its own isn't enough of course. I only use this in the morning because I like serums with more benefits for the night time. It's overall a nice product for the morning to give your skin a bit more moisture, but you do need to use it together with more moisturizing products.

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes, this didn't affect my opinion about the product. I didn't receive money to write about it, see disclaimer.


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