25 April 2015

Review: Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack - Virgin Red

I'm really excited to share this product with you - I'm talking about the lip tint pack from Berrisom. I received this product from Honestskin.com to try. A lot of beauty bloggers have been talking about these lip packs. This lip product claims to be waterproof, won't smudge and claims to have an extremely long lasting power. In today's post I'm going to review this product, will it really last long on the lips?
I was directly SOLD after watching this video below. I really wanted to try this product out after watching it:
The lip tint pack from Berrisom comes in 8 shades (take a look at a few swatches on their website): virgin red, vivid scarlet, candy orange, sexy red, bubble pink, lovely peach, chic purple and pure pink. There used to be 6 shades, but there are 2 more now. I got it in the color virgin red. There is 15g of product in it.

The product comes in a little plastic squeeze packaging. There is a lot of air inside so you mustn't think that it's all product. It has a bit of a cherry scent which isn't overwhelming.

First of all, make sure that your lips doesn't have dry flakes by exfoliating your lips. Otherwise it won't look appealing.
1. Squeeze some product out and spread it evenly on the lips.
2. Let the product dry on your lips for 10 minutes.
I noticed that it is hard to apply it evenly on the lips. The texture of the product is sticky and thick. Make sure that your lips are all covered with the product. Don't apply it too thick, otherwise it will take more than 10 minutes to dry. Also applying it within my lip line was a hard job at first, but practise really helped. If you apply it outside the lip line, you will definitely notice it afterwards (you will have a red stain haha), so make sure you do it within the lines. During the drying time you will feel your lips tighten a bit, which might feel slightly uncomfortable, but make sure you got some distraction e.g. read a book or my blog kekekke.

The upper part of the packaging will turn red. I usually clean it up after every usage, since i'm scared that the product will stick onto the cap.
3. The fun part! After 10 minutes you will notice that the lip product has dried up and that it's ready to peel it off! WOHOO! This just feels like peeling off a mask, no pain at all! BUT, one think that I didn't like was that my fingers turned all red during this process. It was quite hard to make it clean afterwards.

If you have applied an extremely thick coat you will notice that some parts might still stick on your lips. Normally, you can just peel it off in one go.
4. End results. I'm loving the outcome! It doesn't feel dry nor moist, but I always prefer to have moist lips so I applied some vaseline afterwards. The lip tint pack gives you a very natural but visible color.


src: wishtrend

The lasting power is A-MAZING! Seriously, A-MAZING! When you have a cold drink or when you eat bread, it won't smudge nor it will transfer or anything which is awesome. The lip tint pack lasted for a long time on my lips. They claim that it will last for 12 hours, well I would say 5-6 hours? And yes… you can guess it already, this means that it's pretty hard to remove it with normal make up remover or with cold water (it's impossible). I always use an oil-based lip remover which makes is easier to remove.

However, I once drank some tea while I had this on and it started to fade and it transferred a bit, so try not to have hot drinks or have hot food if you want this to last long on the lips. I would also avoid fatty and oily food.

I received this product from Honestskin.com where they are selling it in a set of 6 shades for USD $36.83. Thank you so much for letting me try this product out, it's a product that is very popular at the moment, so a lot of online shops don't have it in stock. You can also get it individually at Wishtrend.com. They will also show you how to distinguish the fake and real ones. There are some fake ones around in the market, so be aware that you are not getting a fake lip tint pack.

It is a very fun product for the lips, I actually enjoy using this. It takes 5-10 minutes to dry but I usually just wait for 10 minutes (just in case) while doing other things in the morning. The Berrisom Lip tint pack leaves a very natural finish but the color is quite visible as well. The lasting power is amazing, it last for a very long time. If you have a cold drink or when you eat bread it won't transfer or smudge AT ALL. However you do need to keep in mind that it will transfer and fade when you eat hot or oily stuff. You can always do a touch up after eating hot food ofcourse, but you do need to wait for 10 minutes until it's dry, which means you need to stay in the toilet for a longer period than normal lol. (Your friends might wonder what you're doing in there.)

Another downside is that it's quite hard to apply it evenly and within the lip lines, but practise is very important. If you don't have an oil-based lip remover, make sure to get that first before you use this, unless you want this lip color on for another day haha.

note: this was sent to me for review purposes, this post contains affiliate links.



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