07 July 2014

My Life in Pictures - Events, Food and more Food?

I have been to a lot of events lately - like the Olympus Playground event and a press event of GOSH to see the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection and I also ATE a lot O_O" (when will i ever stop eating so much?! hahaha). Check out my life in pictures from the previous 2 weeks. If you are following me on instagram you've probably seen all the pictures already, if you're not following me there, feel free to follow via KawaiiPeachies.
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2 weeks ago I went to Saigon Cafe with a friend to chitchat and catch up and I'm somehow addicted to pho recently, it's so yum! I often go to this place since the soup is just so nice! I also fell in love with their dessert - che ba mau! It was my first time trying this dessert and I really wanted more. Hopefully I'm able to make this at home as well. OH I LOVEEEE the texture, coconut milk and red beans YUMMM!! You gotta visit this place if you're in Amsterdam!

3 days later I went to restaurant Loetje. It's a restaurant which is famous because of their steaks! YUP, It's really not bad ^_^! My friends and I took a picture together, but I didn't notice that the random guy at the back was smiling for the picture as well xD! I still need to laugh when I look at the picture. The expressions of the guys at the back are priceless!

I received an invitation to go to the opening of the Olympus Photography Playground. It's a playground for photographers where you can borrow an Olympus OM-D for a few hours (for free!) and take some shots at the playground. In the end you can take the pictures home with you since you will be getting the pictures on a micro usd (also for free)! If you are a photography lover or a (big) fan of Olympus, you gotta visit this place! This place is open every day from the 12th of June till the 13th of July 2014 in Amsterdam.

There was a food bazaar at Trouw Amsterdam, which was an event where you could try out different kind of cuisines - from Korean food, Portuguese food to French food - it was all of great quality and made of fresh ingredients! OH How I love events like these, it was so yum!!

One of the most fun events that I had been to gotta be this one. I went to a press event from GOSH where they showed me their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. I had a lovely high tea during the event and I was able to check out their whole collection. They also let us take some funny polaroid pictures ^^. I met some awesome bloggers during that event as well! At the end they gave us a grand goodie bag… I repeat…. a really HUGE one - it was the whole Fall/Winter collection of GOSH! A detailed blogpost about the new collection will be online soon ^__-! Gotta love events like these right hahah?!

This was it girls ^^ I hope you liked it and stay tuned for the next my life in pictures blogpost! Have a great day x.

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