14 June 2014

Review + Giveaway: Rosa Pacific 19 Real Neck PT Masks

Hello girls ^^ Today I'm going to review the 19 Real Neck PT Sheet masks of the Korean brand Rosa Pacific. You might recognize this product from the Memebox Hair & Body #1 which I blogged about a few days ago. That's right… these are neck masks! Have you ever heard of masks for the neck before? It sure was my first time trying it out. Thanks to Memebox I will also be giving away 5 of these masks to one lucky winner! Make sure to read this blogpost and enter the giveaway, it's open worldwide!

Fine lines and wrinkles on one's neck are one of the first signs of aging, and yet most people tend to neglect care for the neck. This is the perfect sheet mask made from bio-cellulose - a natural and innovative gel developed from the latest bio-technology. It is sourced from fermented coconut juice, made into high-fine tissue allowing for high absorptive powers. It claims to be very hydrating and it is currently a popular product in Korea!

It's worth $3.50 per neck mask. It's not available online, not even at the memebox website, so grab your chance to try it out by joining today's giveaway!

It has a very clean and simple packaging. The descriptions are in Korean so I'm not able to read it, only the front packaging (lol), where it says whitening & anti-wrinkle.

When you get the soaked neck mask out of the packaging, you will directly notice that it's a bio-cellulose mask because of the structure. The neck mask comes with 2 thin paper backing on it to keep the essence onto place and to keep it moist. Make sure to peel those 2 off before applying on your neck. I just placed those 2 paper sheets on the packaging lol.
Place the mask evenly over your neck. Remove sheet mask after 15-20 minutes. After these minutes, make sure that the leftover essence is fully absorbed, so wait for a minute or so. Afterwards it will leave a sticky but moist feeling on your neck, you can chose to leave it or rinse it off. I rinsed it off since I don't like to have a sticky feeling.

In the pictures below I'm having the mask on my neck. I love the structure of this mask, it actually makes me think of the Bel Mondo Bui Cellulose Mask which I tried before. It won't tear easily and it's MOIST! Of course the whitening effect and anti-aging effect isn't visible after 1 usage. You gotta use this more often in order to see results. Anyhow, after I tried it I noticed that my neck was hydrated and I like the cooling effect! The only thing that I don't really like is the scent, which is a bit herbal like, but it's not overwhelming and you will only smell it when you get it out of the packaging and not when it's on your neck ;). If you don't mind this and am interested to try it out... Feel free to enter my giveaway below!

Thanks to Memebox I'm able to giveaway 5 neck masks from Rosapacific worth $17.50! I will be giving this away to one lucky winner! Will this be you? This giveaway is open internationally and will end on the 30th of June (at night, European time). There are a few rules that you gotta follow to be able to enter this giveaway. Just follow the questions in the form below. YOU MUST DO THE FIRST 4 STEPS TO BE ABLE TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY! These 4 steps are mandatory, the rest of the questions that you will see are optional. To get more entries answer the other questions that you will see after the first 4 steps. GOOD LUCK!
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