23 June 2014

Aveda Event - Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight

Last week I was invited to go to the Aveda Academy where they introduced their latest product to me. I'm talking about their new styling cream Naturally Straight of their Smooth Infusion line. They didn't only introduced it to me, they even tried it on my own hair! Want to see the results? Check out today's blogpost!

The Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight is a lightweight styling cream for your hair. It progressively straightens curls with every use. It doesn't matter if you've got very curly hair, slightly curly hair, it claims to work! You should use this before you blow dry your hair. As you blow-dry your hair, plant-derived fibers help create a locking layer to help hold your hair straight, day after day. Organic cassava root helps to form a barrier against intense humidity to help you forget about frizz. Straight styling becomes faster and easier! After 5 consecutive applications of naturally straight, your hair will stay straight for up to 3 washes. This all sounds soooo good!

I naturally have straight hair, but I always have frizzy hair in the morning or it's slightly curled when i wake up, and this product seems to help with that as well. So people with very curly hair as well as people with a little bit of curly hair can use this product.

The styling cream is available from June 2014 at the Aveda salons, visit www.aveda.com for more information. One tube cost €28.- and it has 150ml of product in it (link to product - make sure to read the reviews there and watch the before and after pictures).

When I stepped into the Aveda academy, it had a very peaceful and stress-free vibe which I adored. I was surrounded with Aveda products and Aveda aroma. While sipping on my tea, I was listening to the introduction of this fine product. After the introduction I received a hair treatment where they used the products of the Smooth Infusion line. Oh my, I really felt stress-free during the treatment and the scent of the products helps with that too. They used the Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner during the treatment.

After the conditioner, they used the Smooth infusion Naturally Straight on my hair and they blow dried it a bit and used the straightener afterwards to finish the look.

Shiny straight hair. I received lots of compliments from my friends as well as online after posting the picture below (thank you all for that ^^!). It looks so healthy & straight and it felt super soft haha . Of course it's also thanks to the straightener that they used, but it definitely looked healthier after the treatment that I had. I have been using this product for more than 2 weeks now and I gotta say, I do see that it's getting straighter and straighter. I've spend less time in the morning to make it more straight. It claims to be straight after 5 consecutive applications of naturally straight, and I haven't applied it 5 times yet, soooo I am going to wait and see. What I do notice about the product is that it's very lightweight, it doesn't feel heavy at all and it's hydrating. Also, a little goes a long way, you really don't need much product per usage (and I have very long hair!). I think you are able to use one tube for around 5 months. It depends how often you use it of course.

If you've got (very) curly hair and want naturally straight hair, give this a go! Aveda has more products in this line, I will write a separate review about those products. Also, I will be holding a giveaway where you are able to win the Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight, so stay tuned for the blogpost!

Thank you for having me Aveda Academy! 

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