22 June 2014

Review: Dr. van der Hoog CC Cream + Swatches

Lots of my Dutch readers were very curious about these CC Creams of the Dutch brand Dr. van der Hoog. It's a very popular brand in The Netherlands and this brand has lots of great skincare products as well. Their CC Cream is already out in the market for a while but I've read mixed feelings about these, I'm testing it out and will share my thoughts about it in this blogpost.

CC Cream stands in this case for Color Correction. The name says it already it will correct your skin color and makes it look even. This cream has other benefits like it contains SPF 25, it will make your wrinkles less visible, it improves the elasticity of your skin, keeps your skin moist and it makes the skin barrier stronger.

These are available at drugstore Kruidvat in The Netherlands & Belgium. You are also able to purchase it online on their website (link to product). It's sold for €12,95 each and it contains 50ml of product.

It comes in a brown/white packaging which isn't very sturdy. However, the packaging of the actual product is good. It comes in a squeeze tube which makes it easy for us to control the amount and get the product out.


From left to right: light, medium and dark.
As you can see these CC Creams are pretty ORANGE. I wish that the color light would be lighter and the color dark would be darker. The colors light and medium looks a lot like each other which is a pity.

I applied the color medium on my hand, but it doesn't match with my NC25 skin color. The coverage is light, it's not able to cover up redness nor dark spots. It's very orange and wait.. it gets worse..

while applying and spreading the product out, it started to flake.. What the o_O?! This is so bad!! It's not a scrub, it's a CC Cream, this shouldn't flake!

It's great that it contains SPF 25, but I'm not really happy with these CC Creams from Dr van der Hoog. The colors are a bit on the orange/yellow side which doesn't match with my Asian skin tone lol. The colors light and medium looks a lot a like, the dark version ain't dark enough and the worse part, THE FLAKES! I don't recommend to purchase this CC Cream unless you want to look flakey all day every day lol.

disclaimer: these products were sent to me for review purposes 


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