14 September 2013

Review: Etude House - Color Pop Shine Tint 3 in 1

Can you remember the Bling in the Sea and the Color Pop collection from Etude House? I recently got the Color Pop Shine Tint 3 in 1 in the color #05 Swing Pop, which is an orange tint. They have it in 10 colors, which is a lot! I don't have many orange lip products, so that's the reason why I got it. Keep on reading if you want to know my thoughts about this product.

This is a 3-in-1 magic gloss tint that glides on in a perfect combination of smoothness and shine, with a lip stain formula that provides a vivid color and long-lasting shine.

You can purchase it at w2beauty.com (link to the product). They sell the first 5 colors for USD $12.55 and the last 5 colors for USD $12.05 (link to the product). The first 5 are from the Color Pop Collection and the last 5 are from the Bling in the Sea collection from Etude house. I have no idea why the prices are different from each other.

source: picture from etudehouse.co.kr 

The brush feels similar to the brush from the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint, but the shape is slightly different.

I'm loving the bright colors on the packaging, while the product itself has a simple look.

This shine tint does have a scent. It tastes and smells like oranges which isn't overwhelming. The scent will go away once you apply the shine tint. The tint is easy to spread and is slightly sticky when you apply it. However, the sticky feeling will go away after 5 minutes or so, so you don't need to worry about that. It doesn't feel dry on the lips but it doesn't feel extremely moist as well. It feels just right, for extra moisture you can apply a lip balm in advance.

As you can see it's very pigmented. The shine tint is buildable so you can make the color very intense if you want to. However, this shine tint only lasted me for 1,5 hours (without drinking/eating) or so which is very short!

It looks glossy on the lips which I like ^^.

I love the packaging and I love how it looks on the lips, it's so shiny ^o^! It's great that this shine tint comes in 10 different colors. I'm sure that there is a color in this collection that you like. The scent and  texture are nice. The pigmentation is buildable and you can easily create the bitten lips/gradient lips effect with this shine tint. It didn't dry out my lips as well, which is a plus. However, I wish the staying power would be a bit longer, 1.5 hour is such a short time.

If you are interested, go to www.w2beauty.com, they offer a lot of other Korean products as well!

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes, this blogpost contains affiliate links
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