31 March 2013

Tutorial: How to Create Korean Gradient Lips?

You have probably seen this trend going around. It's called the gradient lips, also known as ombre or bitten lips. These lips are very popular among Korean actresses, singers as well as ulzzangs. I love it a lot since the gradient lips creates a young and innocent look. Continue with reading if you would like to see how i've created them.
If you want to create these lips tomorrow, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the day before so that your lips will be flake free and soft as baby cheeks! Right before you start with the gradient lips, apply a translucent lip balm, we are going to apply a lot of layers of product so make sure your lips are moist!

[STEP 1] Apply a nude lipstick or dap a bit of lip concealer on your lips. The nude lipstick/concealer has to match with your own skin tone.
[STEP 2] Grab a red or pink lipstick and apply it on the inner side of your lips. You can also use a brush to apply this. I'm using the NYX lipstick - #644 Spell bound.
[STEP 3] Smoothen the lipstick out a bit by dapping it with your fingers. You have to be careful not to dap it on the outer edge of your lips, otherwise you will lose the gradient effect. If you've lost the gradient effect, dap a bit of lip concealer at the outer side of your lips again.
[STEP 4] Apply a milky lip tint at the inner side of your lips. You can also dap it on that area, apply more if needed. I'm using the Etude House - Fresh Cherry tint RD301. You can purchase this lip tint at twofacemall.com. A more in depth review about this milky lip tint will be online soon.
[STEP 5] Apply a lip balm at the outer side of your lips to make it look moist, and we are finished!

I've decided to create a very natural looking gradient lips, which you can easily wear every day. I hope you liked this tutorial, let me know in the comment section below if you want to see more tutorials like this in the future ^^! I'm totally in love with gradient lips at the moment ^^. It looks so innocent. What do you think about it, would you wear it?

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