30 August 2013

Review: Skinfood Pink Salt Body Scrub - Twofacemall

Body scrubs! I love them since it makes my skin super soft. As some of you might know I have Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms, so it's darn important for me to scrub that area to make it soft. Don't know what keratosis pilaris is? Have you ever seen red bumps on your arms or legs? I wrote a blogpost about that before, so read here if you are interested. In today's blogpost I will share my thoughts about the pink salt body scrub from Skinfood.

Pink salt also known as himalayan salt is a contamination free salt that naturally forms over time. It's enriched with minerals, it removes impurities and dead skin cells while softening the skin. This is a body scrub so it is not suitable to use on the face. I recommend to use it only once per week.

I got this one from twofacemall.com and it is sold for $14.- there (normally $17.50 but it's on sale now) including free shipping!

The body scrub comes in a large jar, it has 210g of product in it which is quite a lot. Just open the cap and remove the white lid and you can get the body scrub out. It doesn't come with a spatula which means you need to get it out with your fingers which isn't really hygienic. Make sure that your fingers are clean when using it.

This body scrub has a very sweet floral scent which is a bit overwhelming to me. I always prefer scentless products. Some people might like it, but I will probably get a headache after a while because of the strong floral scent that it has.

The body scrub is white and you can definitely see the salt. I gotta say there are quite large pieces of salt in this jar. It felt a bit harsh on my skin but it did remove my dead skin cells and it made my skin super soft and not dry. People with lots of dead skin cells on their body might want to try this. Though I don't think this is suitable for all skintypes, I wouldn't recommend this to people with a sensitive skin.

Buy if you want a soft body, want to remove your dead skin cells, looking for a harsh body scrub and if you like a sweet floral scent. Don't buy if you have a sensitive skin and don't like sweet floral scented products.

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes
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