19 June 2013

VIDEO: Roses Nail Tutorial - Nail Shop Paris - Dramafever

Can you remember that i told you (on facebook and twitter) that i was busy with a small project? Well girls, I'm going to tell you more about it today ^^. I recently was contacted by Dramafever.com which is a very popular website where people in North and South America can watch Taiwanese and Korean dramas with eng subtitles. Recently there is a new Kdrama out which is called Nail Shop Paris. This drama is related to nail art so they decided to find a few nail art bloggers/youtubers to create nail art creations inspired by this Kdrama. I was so happy that they chose me and of course I said YES lol.

Another big announcement is that I started with my own Youtube Channel! "WAIT, WHAT? NO WAY" ... Haha, yes! It was about time right? Anyways, I'm quite new to all the editing stuff, but i will try to create more nail art tutorials for you girls :). Make sure to subscribe to my channel - KawaiiPeachies. Lets move on to the tutorial!

This nail art is inspired by the dress that Park Gyu Ri (박규리) is wearing in episode 4. It has a rose print on it, so i decided to create a nail art with that in mind. Watch the full tutorial here, this video is edited by Dramafever:
It was a huge honor to collaborate with Dramafever.com. There will be another collaboration soon so stay tuned for my next kdrama inspired nail art tutorial!

I also created a nail art inspired by Nail Shop Paris Episode 3 - watch the blogpost here.

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