17 June 2013

VIVI JP Magazine, May 2013 issue - Mag Scans

Today I will be sharing the May 2013 issue of the Japanese magazine called VIVI. In this issue you will see a lot of hair tutorials, an interview with Daesung from BigBang, monochrome outfits, pastel outfits and more. This issue is a bit boring to be honest, there isn't much difference compared to the previous issue. However, the hair tutorials in this issue are quite interesting! If you want to have the whole magazine, follow me through Bloglovin' or Facebook and click on Download Now. If you don't have a clue how to download it, leave a comment below and i will try to help you out.

Notice: You must download it quickly, otherwise the link will expire, so make sure that you're downloading this within this week. Please don't ask or email me if I can re-upload it again later. I will only upload the issue ONCE!
If you want to check out the previous mag scans, go to this link: VIVI MAG SCANS.

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