11 June 2013

Review: Gatsby Moving Rubber Grunge Mat - Grey

Today I will be reviewing the popular Gatsby product - the moving rubber grunge mat. My Japanese hairdresser told me to use wax to create more volume in my hair, so i was wondering if this Korean hair wax would work. This product was sent to me by kawaiideluxe.nl, a shop that sells asian products, they have a small but nice assortment, check it out if you have time. Anyways, let me tell you how my hair actually is. My hair is very thin and flat. I always want to have heaps of volume at the top of my head, but this can be hard to create if i don't have a blow dryer or a tease comb next to me. Lets give it a try with the moving rubber from Gatsby ok?
Kawaiideluxe.nl is selling the sample size for €6.95 incl. taxes, excl. shipping costs. Quite expensive though, since i know that this is sold for €7.- for the full size in Hong Kong. The sample size looks small but there is actually quite a lot of product in it (16g). I think that you can use it for around 1  month, depends on how often you use it of course.

This hair wax is created for Asian guys and there are different kinds of hair waxes in their assortment. Like the grey one (grunge mat) that I have is created for very short to medium short hair.

The packaging is very simple but nice. It is mat grey and there is a huge "g" at the top of the cap. You can easily twist the cap open and get the product out. This is how the sample size looks like:

You only need a little bit of product, watch the video below for more directions. I have 3 layers in my hair and my top layer is actually as short as the hair from this guy in the video, so this product should actually work on my hair as well:
This product smells like fresh apples! I just LOVEEEE this scent, it's so nice! However, if you don't like the scent of apples at all, i would skip this hair wax. This hair wax is slightly sticky but isn't hard to wash out. The finish is mat, just like in the video.

Well, it stayed stylish and volumized for 5 minutes and it started to become flat again afterwards lol. Therefore I don't think this product is suitable for my hair. I tried to spray some hairspray afterwards, but that didn't help either. *too bad* I think this hair wax would be more suitable for people with rough and thick hair.

*sigh I'm just going to grab my tease comb again, since that's still the best way to volumize my thin hair. I know it's bad to tease it, but that's really the most effective way for my hair.

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