17 March 2013

Important: Google Reader quits from the 1st of July!

Hello Everybody! This is a bit off-topic but it's still an important message that I want to share. Yes it's true. Google Reader quits from the 1st of July 2013. So, what about Google Friend Connect? That was the next question that popped in my mind after I read the announcement on Google. I seriously have no idea since it wasn't mentioned in the announcement. However I wouldn't be surprised if GFC would be next. I will be sad if all my 1000+ followers that i have built up in 3 years will be gone. In this blogpost I'm going to explain how you can export the people that you are following on Google Reader or Google Friend Connect to Bloglovin' but first here are other ways to follow my blog - follow via Bloglovin', Facebook and/or HelloCotton.

Bloglovin' is a very useful and easy tool to follow blogs. Everybody can join this website, even if you don't have a blog yourself. I seriously use this every day, since it's easy to see which blogposts are new and which blogposts I haven't read. I do have the impression that people in Europe are using it more than people in Asia or in the US, hopefully this will change. You can follow me on my bloglovin' page - link to page and click on the follow button.

You can also follow my blog on Facebook. Just go to my facebook page (link to facebook page) and click on "Like". Make sure to click on "Get Notifications" as well. I don't only post my latest blogpost here, but you are also able to see my lifestyle pictures and other interesting stuff.

Hellocotton has the same concept as Bloglovin' but it's quite a new website and not everybody is using it yet. However, I'm sure that this will become more and more popular in the future. I love it that you are also able to find new interesting bloggers there. Follow me on Hellocotton: http://www.hellocotton.com/mypage/memorabledays.

Below I will show you how you are able to import the people that you are following on GFC or Google Reader to Bloglovin'. Just follow the descriptions and pictures below and you will see how. It's extremely easy! Before you start, make sure you are logged in on Blogger AND Bloglovin'.
1.) We will first start with Bloglovin'. Go to this link: http://www.bloglovin.com/import (no worries, this page is save).
2.) You will see the screen below, click on the blue button: Google Reader.

3.) Afterwards, click on: Import from Google Reader.

4.) You will be redirected to a page from Google, see page below. It just means that you give Bloglovin' the authorization to get the subscription list from your Google Reader / Google Friend Connect. Anyways, click on the blue button.

5.) Afterwards, you will see a white screen which will load extremely long. Just leave it this way for 5-10 minutes and close the window. You are done.
6.) Go to bloglovin' again, click on your name and you will see a drop down menu. Go to "Following" and you are able to see all the blogs that you were following on GFC / Google Reader on the Bloglovin' list

I hope this worked for you. If this didn't work, leave a comment below and I will try to help you out, since there are more ways to do this.

source: link to the announcement of google: google reader quits
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